Universal Car Air Mattress Travel Bed Inflatable -Gray

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Universal Car Air Mattress Travel Bed Inflatable -Gray Bought by 99 peoples! HOT SELLER!

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Internal flow can effectively block at the bottom of the vehicle noise.With a safety block that prevent your children fall into the gap between front seats.Compatible for most cars.Universal Car Air Mattress Car Back Seat Cover Travel Bed Inflatable Mattress Air Bed Inflatable Car Bed For Rest For Camping

  • 100%  New;
  • Very Good Quality Inflatable car bed;
  • Ultra-Thickened (0.5mm thick) Flocking Cloth;
  • Double heat-sealed seams;
  • Comfortable flocked meterial for extra comfort;
  • Easy to Fold and Unfold.
  • Color: Black,Gray
  • Length:135cm
  • Width:85cm
  • Height:45cm
  1. Hayat Ali - Verified Purchase
    2022-03-28 18:41:03
    Its exactly the same as it shows on website. Very impressed
  2. Hadiqa Tayyab - Verified Purchase
    2022-03-14 15:38:51
    Maza agaya isme travel karke. Behtareen
  3. Moazam Sheikh - Verified Purchase
    2022-03-14 15:26:25
    Nice product lekin meri gari choti parh gaye
  4. Talha Anjum - Verified Purchase
    2022-03-14 15:25:56
    Greattt! Loved it
  5. Maryam Sheikh - Verified Purchase
    2022-03-14 15:20:59
    Now that's what I call comfort. Very relaxing
  6. Nouman Ejaz - Verified Purchase
    2022-03-12 18:36:00
    Koi elder beth he nahi sakta. Itna space leleta hai,
  7. Talha Ashraf - Verified Purchase
    2022-03-09 15:40:00
    Good services. They usually deliver on time. They have an ok selection of products.
  8. Erum Sultanat - Verified Purchase
    2022-03-02 18:44:00
    Features like choosing your time for delivery, slots are available are making this app distinctive. Very easy to use and jubliant theme with point scoring features
  9. Kamran Ashraf - Verified Purchase
    2022-02-28 19:46:04
    Smooth delivery, wide availability of items for houeholds, safe packaging, and time-specific delivery options.
  10. Samiya Queen - Verified Purchase
    2022-02-25 19:34:00
    Itni choti gari ke liye fit he nahi hosakta overall we use it at home for guest.
  11. Afshan Talal - Verified Purchase
    2022-02-23 19:32:04
    This takes alot of space. It is not comfortable alot.
  12. Mirha Talha - Verified Purchase
    2022-01-27 20:31:02
    Quiet relaxing for long tours
  13. Hadiqa Rashdi - Verified Purchase
    2022-01-26 19:31:04
    This is very portable product. Love it already
  14. Muhammad Adil - Verified Purchase
    2022-01-19 15:32:03
    Is it possible to customize the size of the mattres?
  15. Imran Ismat - Verified Purchase
    2022-01-16 17:33:02
    Do you deliver all over Pakistan?
  16. Mohsin Zia - Verified Purchase
    2021-12-30 20:29:05
    My kids enjoyed the most. Loved it
  17. Dua Sheikh - Verified Purchase
    2021-12-24 19:34:04
    I enjoyed alot with my kids. Elder could not fit in
  18. Rabiiyyaa - Verified Purchase
    2021-12-22 19:45:04
    Can still improve by adding other stuff such a imported products.
  19. Talha Anjum - Verified Purchase
    2021-12-02 15:27:02
    Greattt! Loved it
  20. Izghan Sheikh - Verified Purchase
    2021-12-01 16:41:01
    They are serving best, I'm impressed when I mistakenly ordered and told them.I'm impressed Great work
  21. Sami Khan - Verified Purchase
    2021-11-25 19:36:00
    Perfect quality. Delivered on time. Highly recomended
  22. Hassan Minhaj - Verified Purchase
    2021-11-18 19:27:04
    Very soft very comfortable
  23. Ejaz Sahab - Verified Purchase
    2021-11-10 18:39:03
    Love its service
  24. Asim Akhter - Verified Purchase
    2021-10-26 21:35:00
    Very comfortable product. Can use it anytime and anywhere
  25. Kamran Ali - Verified Purchase
    2021-10-19 20:34:04
    Kindly add pump to fill the air inside as a complimentary.
  26. Kiran Hassan - Verified Purchase
    2021-10-07 17:26:02
    Hawa he nikal gaye itni jaldi. Bohoth khwari hui
  27. Simrah Asif - Verified Purchase
    2021-09-22 20:26:00
    Perfect product for comfortable travelling. Absolutely love it
  28. Sadaf kanwal - Verified Purchase
    2021-08-31 20:30:04
    I got issue with the product. Air was quickly over
  29. Taha Ali - Verified Purchase
    2021-08-30 19:32:00
    I have orderd this for abroad. Amazing product
  30. Babu - Verified Purchase
    2021-07-08 22:00:50
    Can be punctured easily
  31. Naeem Ullah - Verified Purchase
    2020-08-11 17:35:03
    works well. looks fairly comfortable
  32. Bin Qasim - Verified Purchase
    2020-06-19 17:16:00
    I always want to buy car air matters for a long trip, and i like this product, it's easy to use and comes with all necessary parts. I tried it yesterday and very comfort. I will use it for my next long trip. Good seller recommended. Happy Customer
  33. Ghulam Hussain - Verified Purchase
    2020-06-13 15:59:00
    This car air mattress is great for traveling! It’s really comfortable. When I’m going on long drives I can get some rest in the car for a few hours before I continue driving. Really saves on hotels for just a short amount of rest needed to travel long drives. It’s really easy to inflate and use and stores easy in the carry bag when not being used.
  34. Mrs Ahmed - Verified Purchase
    2020-06-05 16:04:00
    Very useful while traveling long distances. Comfortable and fits well in our car. Thanks wishhub
  35. Anjum - Verified Purchase
    2020-05-15 23:02:00
    quality was good. This made quick camping trips great!! So comfortable, easy to inflate and deflate.

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  1. Is it available at Faisalabad - 2021-09-10 12:09:02
    Is it available at Faisalabad
    we can delivery at Faisalabad
  2. Azmat ullah - 2021-08-04 12:30:27
    is this available for every car?
    it is universal u can use at an car
  3. Mian Abdul Ghaffar Advocate - 2020-08-07 00:31:50
    Is air pump for inflation is included in this price
    yes air pump also includes

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