Tuya Carbon Monoxide Smoke Detector WIFI

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【Real Time Dual Sensor Detection】 A carbon monoxide monitoring sensor that can detect the concentration of carbon monoxide and smoke in the environment in real time. High sensitivity detection of temperature and smoke, accurate transmission of alarm information.

【Sound and light alarm]】 Upon detecting that the concentration in the air reaches the standard, the detector will beep up to 85 decibels and emit a flashing red light alarm signal. And it sends the information to the user's mobile phone.

【Scene linkage】 Perform preset security scenarios through the mobile app. Once the detected carbon monoxide or smoke concentration reaches the industry standard limit value, an alarm will be sounded remotely. When the corresponding concentration is reached, a local sound and light alarm will be issued, and the mobile phone will receive an APP reminder to notify you in time, and the mobile phone can open the window through the window opener. (Does not include window units).

【High sensitivity detection】 Using low current gas sensors, built-in temperature compensation module, with high sensitivity, accurate alarm, to avoid fire accidents.

【Multi-scene application】 The smoke detector can work normally in houses, hotels, shops, offices and apartments. Protect every moment!


1. Installs easily on the wall or any surface with screws or tape.

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