Portable Electric Clothes Fabric Shaver Hair Ball Trimmer Sweater Lint Fuzz Shaver Fluff Remove Lint Pellet Cut Machine

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Portable Electric Clothes Fabric Shaver Hair Ball Trimmer Sweater Lint Fuzz Shaver Fluff Remove Lint Pellet Cut Machine Bought by 114 peoples! HOT SELLER!

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Practical household lint remover, can remove the fluff on the sweater, coat and clothes.
Blades, very sharp, clean the clothes quickly.
Large capacity rubbish box, easy to remove.
Humanized handle, feel comfortable.
Gives a new life to clothing, such as sweaters, blankets, drapes and furniture upholstery many of which tend to acquire lint and often "pill", or get small balls of fuzz.
Fuzz, lint and pills are suctioned into the holes, cut off by the rotating blade and then deposited into the lint chamber.
Powered by two AA batteries. (Not Included)
Power supply: 2 x AA batteries(not included)
Material: ABS, Electronic components

Color: Random color(If you buy more than one, you may receive the same color or several colors)

Quantity: 1 pc

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  1. sarah - Verified Purchase
    2023-12-14 13:05:00
    OMG, this is amazing machine ๐Ÿ˜must buy, I m totally amazed, rezlt ๐Ÿ’ฏ best I m so happy ๐Ÿ˜Š
  2. Ayesha baig - Verified Purchase
    2023-12-13 16:04:00
    Product is same as shown in the pictures . Overall product quality is good compared to price . Delivery is on time as committed.thnx WH for providing me the opportunity of being your customer.
  3. zara anum - Verified Purchase
    2023-12-11 13:18:00
    An incredible product that saves time and is a good use of money.Forget expensive drycleans that clean your pockets !A few minutes and your sweaters are good as new.Dont hesitate to make this purchase definately worth your money...
  4. zoha ali - Verified Purchase
    2023-12-07 12:15:00
    excellent service but quality 10/9 performance was good
  5. Akbar - Verified Purchase
    2023-12-05 19:04:00
    the best ever purchase. i now wonder ye maine pehlay kyun nahi liya. zaberdast and a must have product. sweaters may nayi jaan aa gayi hai.
  6. muqadas - Verified Purchase
    2023-12-05 16:15:00
    Highly recommended pictures say it all
  7. bisma - Verified Purchase
    2023-12-04 19:18:00
    t highly useful machine.Well packed product received on time
  8. Naeem AHMED - Verified Purchase
    2023-12-04 11:05:00
    Abi tak to bht acha work kr rhi hai jis k liye 5 star
  9. arman GD - Verified Purchase
    2023-12-02 15:59:00
    Best product ever at the best price..it truly works!!!
  10. hajra - Verified Purchase
    2023-12-01 15:17:00
    it's great,product
  11. Hina - Verified Purchase
    2023-01-04 14:11:00
    Nice Product ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
  12. All - Verified Purchase
    2022-12-26 16:08:00
    The item was received within a couple of days.I tried it on a sock and it removed the lint very quickly. I highly recomment it.
  13. mehwish hassan - Verified Purchase
    2022-12-21 16:19:00
    Great product, reasonably priced, totally recommended
  14. About what - Verified Purchase
    2022-12-20 08:57:59
    About what
  15. SHAHID MASOOD MASOOD - Verified Purchase
    2022-12-17 11:40:47
    Still I m waiting my order and review open
  16. Jabbar khan - Verified Purchase
    2022-12-16 16:08:00
    Alhamdulillah, I recieved my parcel and I'm very very satisfied๐Ÿ‘. bht zbrdast product ha
  17. shaista arshad - Verified Purchase
    2022-12-14 19:11:00
    I liked it so much.good product
  18. Umair bhatti - Verified Purchase
    2022-11-27 18:55:00
    excellent product.thnx for this
  19. Husnain Mehmood Elahi - Verified Purchase
    2022-11-26 20:00:00
    good packing. delivery on time. sari cheezen complete hain.best product
  20. Muhammad bilal - Verified Purchase
    2022-11-24 16:04:00
    waaaaooooo excellent quality best service same as show bhut acha work karta ha zabrdast ha or price bhe bhut reason able ha bhut achi chez bnai ha bnany waly ny
  21. M.imran - Verified Purchase
    2022-11-21 23:14:19
    Much needed product in winters ..thanku it excellent
  22. Anayat ur rehman - Verified Purchase
    2022-11-20 18:02:00
    Masha Allah high recommended n the machine is working owsem u r guys just great n geniune work God bless u Ameen
  23. M.Ali - Verified Purchase
    2022-11-08 18:24:51
    I have received this product which is very good in work. It has given a new look to my coat
  24. nighat sultana - Verified Purchase
    2022-02-21 21:15:00
    Very quick delivery, nice useful product. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
  25. Nazar - Verified Purchase
    2022-02-15 21:06:00
    product it self was working properly..best product.highly recomemded
  26. Sehrish - Verified Purchase
    2022-02-09 15:13:00
    Value for money ๐Ÿ’ซhiighly recomemded
  27. maryum - Verified Purchase
    2022-02-06 17:14:00
    Behtreen.. My brother gifted a The North face jacket last year but some lint appeared on it last year after washing with other clothes. So in this winter when i saw this jacket in my closet i was thinking to donate or throw it but luckily i saw this amazing product on this page and it revive the jacket look again and it look like new again.. thanks to wh
  28. Maham naeem - Verified Purchase
    2022-02-04 21:12:00
    Worth buying. recommended to all . very useful product. love working of lint remover.
  29. Azib Dhillon - Verified Purchase
    2022-02-02 09:07:00
    This has been a fantastic purchasing experience, and I highly recommend both the product nd wh page
  30. Sheikh Junaid - Verified Purchase
    2022-01-26 17:01:00
    Same as advertised. I'm happy to have it. Its working like a charm.
  31. laiba nazim - Verified Purchase
    2022-01-23 16:05:00
    an excellent product... works easily and so fast... the need of every home... thanks
  32. Anum - Verified Purchase
    2022-01-22 16:15:00
    Really nice product. Value for money. Quality is great. Speed is great.
  33. eisha basharat - Verified Purchase
    2022-01-21 16:17:00
    Received, Loved the product! Removes lint like magic! Tried this on my black sweater, did a little test patch.and its works good.
  34. yasmeen - Verified Purchase
    2022-01-18 10:16:00
    I purchased on the feedback of previous reviews and thankful to them for true review. Recieved the product as expected and it is working perfectly..
  35. Babar Ali - Verified Purchase
    2022-01-09 20:58:00
    thanks,excellent working product send, qood quality
  36. rubab zohan - Verified Purchase
    2022-01-09 11:16:00
    lint remover is as I expected. the packaging is also good
  37. Ahsan Mazhar - Verified Purchase
    2022-01-06 18:41:00
    100 % Best Quality I Am Real Happy
  38. Syed Sibtain Ashiq - Verified Purchase
    2022-01-05 13:01:00
    working is good.i ll recommend it..
  39. Muhammad Ali Choudhary - Verified Purchase
    2022-01-02 16:05:00
    used it one time but it is amazing.
  40. bunny badsha - Verified Purchase
    2021-06-06 07:39:21
    Cleans Super, delivery fast
  41. sultan king - Verified Purchase
    2021-05-20 14:30:00
    The dispatch was very fast and the product works very well.
  42. Alia Shahid - Verified Purchase
    2021-05-04 12:01:00
    I wish I had purchased this a long time ago Our sofa is eight years old and the fabric has been showing signs of wear. Especially with our dogs jumping up and down on it, little picks in the fabric and accumulation of little fuzz balls from when the sofa cover was off. I used this little shaver and it's just incredible, the fabric looks smooth again, such a difference. I highly recommend.
  43. Haris Malik - Verified Purchase
    2021-04-17 19:22:01
    I almost donated this chair a hundred times over the last 4 years but didn't want to part with it. Now I'm so glad I didn't.899 and less than 2hrs of my time and my favorite chair is restored. I'm so happy!!
  44. Afzaal Rana - Verified Purchase
    2021-03-25 01:27:00
    Easy way to refresh wardrobe.
  45. Taiyba - Verified Purchase
    2021-03-01 20:04:21
    With this shaver, everything old is new (looking) again.
  46. Haniya Jutt - Verified Purchase
    2021-03-01 06:02:03
    Good value. Easy to use. Mommy approved. Kid not so much.
  47. M Tanzeel - Verified Purchase
    2021-02-24 20:26:22
    No doubt product bht achi ha Am very Stratified.
  48. Rasheeda Haneef - Verified Purchase
    2021-02-18 17:22:41
    Defuzzes well, I would recommend, it does what it's supposed to do good product for price.
  49. Shah Gee - Verified Purchase
    2021-02-13 11:41:23
    Bought this from a Instagram recommendation
  50. Misba - Verified Purchase
    2021-02-05 05:18:00
    Works great, amazing customer service!
  51. Fakhar RAfique - Verified Purchase
    2021-01-29 02:01:00
    Useful. Easy to use. Just make sure the clothing is flat
  52. Mansoor Ali - Verified Purchase
    2020-12-15 10:51:00
    A little miracle product!
  53. Smile - Verified Purchase
    2020-11-14 20:41:00
    This device made my couch new again.
  54. Miss Annie - Verified Purchase
    2020-11-10 14:44:00
  55. Huma Riyaz - Verified Purchase
    2020-11-09 16:31:00
    The results were amazing! I was faced with donating some very nice clothing due to how worn they looked. But this product gave them new life! They look like I just bought them; the results were Outstanding..
  56. Malik Naeem - Verified Purchase
    2020-11-07 17:12:00
    Worked very well for what I wanted it for.
  57. adil anwar - Verified Purchase
    2020-10-25 21:59:00
    Perfect thank you
  58. M Ahsan - Verified Purchase
    2020-10-24 13:53:00
    Awesome Product!
  59. qazim shah - Verified Purchase
    2020-10-19 14:01:00
    First time I ordered. Removes pellets well! Very satisfied! thank you.
  60. kheerat - Verified Purchase
    2020-10-12 17:49:00
    The machine for removing pellets came quickly. Works from the network, but you need a unit to connect to the outlet. Removes normally, but you need to walk many times one place for a good result. I tried only on a coat, still in line socks) in the set there is a brush for cleaning. The garbage container is removed easily. The machine is intuitive in connection and control. Thank you
  61. Aima Rajpoot - Verified Purchase
    2020-10-12 15:51:00
    Best product I've ever bought!! Seriously, I've had this since November 2019 and have used it religiously on my clothes bags, and on family members clothing as well! Since then I've recommended it to everyone and my mom and my sister have both purchased one since.
  62. shameer - Verified Purchase
    2020-10-05 11:12:00
    Very convenient thing, does its job and saves batteries. Thank you!
  63. Moazz Malik - Verified Purchase
    2020-05-24 16:45:00
    it's done exactly as expected.
  64. Ashu Malik - Verified Purchase
    2017-12-02 08:50:00
    LOVE this! Just got it last night and have spent hours de fuzzing everything in the house!

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    My question is about your product "Portable Electric Clothes Fabric Shaver Hair Ball Trimmer Sweater Lint Fuzz Shaver Fluff Remove Lint Pellet Cut Machine". You will deliver this product with battries or without battries?
    Batteries not included

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