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Key Featuers
  • Watch live stream all your videos via smartphone or tablet all around the world
  • Magnetic sticky Camera Stick anywhere at any time.
  • Work both on electricity and Battery.
  • It can also be used as a bike/car camcorder.
  • Night Vision with six infrared LEDs without lighting.
  • Notify for any suspected movement.
  • Support voice playback, view video files anytime, anywhere, picture quality options, screen rotation.
  • Built-in 400 mA rechargeable lithium battery, 30 minutes of super video, maximum support 64 GB.
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This Mini Full HD Camera Has Many Strong Functions Strong Magnetic Adsorption, Smart Wear, Personal, Home, Business Super Security Monitoring, Law Enforcement, Driving, Cycling Records With 150-Degree Recording Angle For Surveillance. It Has Night Vision And Makes Mini Hidden Camera Able To Capture Clear Video Even In Total Darkness. Allow Wifi Connection, And It Has Own Wifi Hotspot. The Continuous Recording Time Can Last One Hour.


  •  Ultra Small, Very Convenient To Carry. Can Use For Outdoor And Indoor.
  •  It Has Placed A Magnet Device, And Compatible With The Magnetic Fittings, Can Be Used In Many Different Places. 150 Degrees Super Wide Angle For Surveillance.
  •  Built-In Battery Can Work For 30 Minutes. This Wireless Hidden Camera Has Own Wifi Hotspot, It Can Also Connect Your Mobile Phone Without Router Wifi.
  •  This Device Has 6 Patch Infrared Lamps, 5-Meter Night Vision Distance And Remotely Switching On Or Off Via App On The   Cellphone.
  •  It Has A Motion Sensor, Once Found Something Abnormal, It Will Send An Alert Message To Your Phone.
  •  One Camera You Can Share With Many Users, It Suitable For  Android, IOS Windows, Mac OS X System.
  •  Memory Card Type:MicroSD/TF
  •  High Definition Support:1080P(Full-HD)
  •  Features Night Vision
  •  Video Format :ASF
  •  Compressed Format :H.264
  •  APP Support:for Android/IOS
  •  Storage :Micro SD Card ,Max Support 64GB
  •  Charging Voltage :DC-5V/1A
  •  Battery Type :Built-In Rechargeable Polymer Lithium Battery

Packaged Include

  • 1 X Camcorder
  • 1 X USB Data Cable
  • 1 X Bracket
  • 1 X Instruction


This is what you will receive:

  1. Anonymous - Verified Purchase
    2023-07-09 12:58:31
    Very good price for such a camera
  2. Abu Huraira - Verified Purchase
    2023-05-15 12:51:00
    Wifi camera
  3. AbdulRahim Tahir - Verified Purchase
    2023-04-15 19:55:00
    Good Product but price is little bit high
  4. SAHIL Khan - Verified Purchase
    2023-03-28 09:36:00
    Battery MAh And Timing
  5. hassan zaffar - Verified Purchase
    2023-03-06 15:24:00
    speed shipping and everything is ok
  6. umair ali - Verified Purchase
    2023-02-25 15:39:00
    The camera work fine but not as sharp as described
  7. Amjad Khan - Verified Purchase
    2023-02-18 22:23:00
    good quality
  8. Muhammad Ameer Hamza - Verified Purchase
    2023-02-16 12:41:18
  9. dua - Verified Purchase
    2023-02-10 10:12:00
    I made the air better with holes in body. It's still working
  10. akhtar - Verified Purchase
    2023-01-19 21:28:00
    jo dikhaya wohi bheja ha, satisfied
  11. menahil - Verified Purchase
    2023-01-12 18:53:00
    very nice cam👍
  12. malik ijaz - Verified Purchase
    2021-03-15 23:17:00
    The quality is very good, but also durable, customer service is also in place, thank you
  13. qazim shah - Verified Purchase
    2021-03-13 09:12:00
    All good, visual angle as described, unfortunately I bring only half from the cage on the camera 09 Mar 2021 03:36
  14. farhan saeed - Verified Purchase
    2021-03-10 13:23:00
    Customer Service checked back with me in about 2 days to make sure my problem was resolved. Very impressive customer service indeed.
  15. kashif jutt - Verified Purchase
    2021-03-07 21:49:00
    Just got this today. Will test it out before providing additional follow-up review. When playing on the TV, the edges of the tables etc looks to be fuzzy. Anyway, still testing it out. infrared works. don't expect to use this as a dashcam. FPS will generate blurry vids.
  16. shahzaib - Verified Purchase
    2021-03-05 14:19:00
    Kind of difficult to figure out but works pretty well otherwise. Worth it for the money. Definitely discreet.
  17. rabeeqa khan - Verified Purchase
    2021-02-28 15:39:00
    It takes a little adjusting to get the files to download and to change them to a different format but otherwise the video quality is great and the time clips that it records in actually work out pretty well.
  18. Gunaid - Verified Purchase
    2021-02-25 18:33:00
    Good product and fair price works as advertised very small camera but can only get about an hour worth on a memory card for the price not too bad
  19. labeeb - Verified Purchase
    2021-02-23 09:50:00
    Love it but it only Record so you have to play back the recording
  20. areeqa haq - Verified Purchase
    2021-02-19 10:45:00
    only tried once so far with motion detection on. very clear sound.very good picture quality in 1080p.Havent tried night vision mode yet. note; you cannot use night vision and motion detection at the same time.but so far i am very pleased with the quality of the product for the wont be disappointed.
  21. sheroze - Verified Purchase
    2021-02-15 22:31:00
    I have not used it much so can give a more thorough review later. It seems fine so far. You’ll have to buy memory for the camera but it’s only several dollars it’s not a whole lot but keep them going to order that before hand if you need to. I just haven’t really put it to great use yet but I will coming up soon
  22. rashid - Verified Purchase
    2021-02-12 23:31:00
    Price is good for product but the night vision is it very clear.
  23. Talah Gujjar - Verified Purchase
    2021-02-08 16:59:00
    Great little product. Good picture quality and sound.
  24. hussain - Verified Purchase
    2021-02-03 22:21:00
  25. rajab shah - Verified Purchase
    2021-01-28 12:23:00
  26. wasi ch - Verified Purchase
    2021-01-25 09:39:00
    it is great and nyc product camera
  27. Danish - Verified Purchase
    2021-01-24 19:21:00
    Very nice small tiny picture quality is good very easy to connect battery life is good the best thing is that you don’t have to mount it every time it has magnet you can easily stick it anywhere
  28. Rana shahid iqbal - Verified Purchase
    2021-01-20 14:26:00
    The camera is cool if you need something small for a great price. For the cost, it's very impressive. It's about 1/3 the size of today's smartphone, and I like the magnetic stand a lot. The reason I took off a star is because the app seemed sketchy to me and made me uncomfortable to use it. If the app asked for less permissions, had a more professional-looking UI, didn't have me connect to the camera's wifi, or didn't have me provide my wifi info, it would have made me more comfortable. I especially do not like giving out my wifi password, as this can be misused by bad actors. Maybe some of this would be necessary for any camera connected to your phone, but at the least I'd recommend to the makers of the product to clean up the UI and narrow the permissions required by the app to give customers a better feeling using it.
  29. Rida ch - Verified Purchase
    2021-01-17 17:29:00
    high quality product
  30. rida - Verified Purchase
    2021-01-13 13:19:00
  31. nimra malik - Verified Purchase
    2021-01-10 10:04:00
    I really love the wifi cam. It's small, I was planning to use it as baby serveilance cam. Also, it gave quite clear signal. Though it took a while for me to set up, I did learn a lot from Youtube to link it to my cell phone. I like the design with the magnetic mount, easy to remove and mount. At this price, It is more than a bargain, it's a surprise. Definitely will recommend to friends.
  32. hamza butt - Verified Purchase
    2021-01-08 09:33:00
    Perfect for keeping an eye on my pups when I’m away. Easy to use and worth every penny!
  33. Dr Tahir - Verified Purchase
    2021-01-05 15:25:00
    Very nice small tiny picture quality is good very easy to connect battery life is good the best thing is that you don’t have to mount it every time it has magnet you can easily stick it anywhere
  34. Mejor qaisar javaid - Verified Purchase
    2021-01-02 19:54:00
    Great little product. Good picture quality and sound.
  35. Dr hina - Verified Purchase
    2020-12-28 17:45:00
    Helped me prove that someone was stealing stuff from me. Picture quality is awesome at 4K. Glad I got this.
  36. fakhar - Verified Purchase
    2020-12-25 10:22:00
    It is very convenient to buy things on wish, and the products are also very good. Thank you seller
  37. ayesha rajpoot - Verified Purchase
    2020-12-20 23:50:00
  38. Mohsin - Verified Purchase
    2020-12-18 19:51:00
    acha camera hai recommended
  39. Sumaiya Ahmed - Verified Purchase
    2020-12-15 23:44:00
    camera quality is good .difficult to instal but after that it was great experience thanks
  40. Ali Ahmed - Verified Purchase
    2020-12-05 11:36:00
    I have already installed 4/5 cameras. works very good. Same camera from two different sellers, same model, good quality
  41. Muskan Ali - Verified Purchase
    2020-11-29 15:59:00
    The installation is simple, the screen is very clear, and it is very small and easy to carry.
  42. Wasil Abdad - Verified Purchase
    2020-11-27 10:10:00
    Good camera and quick delivery to Gilgit. Only the Little Stars app is crap after a few times deleteting and installing the app it finnaly works.
  43. Sultan - Verified Purchase
    2020-11-18 17:01:00
    The quality is very good, the seller is also very enthusiastic, it is worth buying, thank you wishhub
  44. Dr Shuja - Verified Purchase
    2020-11-13 17:53:00
    Very Satisfied
  45. Dr Tajammal - Verified Purchase
    2020-11-13 16:13:00
    The quality is very good, but also durable, customer service is also in place, thank you
  46. Wajid Iqbal - Verified Purchase
    2020-11-05 21:49:00
    Well Packed and Fast delivery, Difficult to setup. Comments later.
  47. Shah G - Verified Purchase
    2020-10-31 14:40:00
    A9 mini camera.Arrived in good condition.
  48. Waleed - Verified Purchase
    2020-10-27 19:55:00
    product bht usefull hy mjhy installation my problem howi bad my customer care ny guide ker k clear kerwa diya sab all over fine also very responsive team thanks wishhub
  49. Sunny - Verified Purchase
    2020-10-25 11:21:00
    It is very small and portable. It can be placed wherever you want to see. The night vision effect is also good, the network connection is stable, and the image head is particularly clear. The effect is very good during the day, and it is fine at night.
  50. Yasir Iqbal - Verified Purchase
    2020-10-23 21:19:00
    it's quite small and the magnet that comes is quite well. It looks great, the only problem is when you remove it from the connection to put another, it took me a while to get the wifi out of the camera, but I fixed it by giving mode. I haven't used motion detection yet. Otherwise quite happy with the camera.
  51. Ahmi Shah - Verified Purchase
    2020-10-14 19:07:00
    Cool camera, very satisfied with the purchase!
  52. Wasil B - Verified Purchase
    2020-09-27 14:45:00
    The image is clear, mobile phone control, easy installation.
  53. Maham Ch - Verified Purchase
    2020-09-25 17:51:00
    This is the first time I have received a very satisfactory product, very good thanks to wishhub
  54. TARIQ AMEEN - Verified Purchase
    2020-09-17 18:10:00
    This quality is very good, and the clarity is also very good! It is also very convenient to operate. Feel good
  55. Misbah Javed - Verified Purchase
    2020-09-05 23:37:00
    I received the Cam, the quality is good, the network link is clear, the image quality is clear, and the features are still many. I am very satisfied with the customer service. It is recommended
  56. Wajid - Verified Purchase
    2020-08-27 13:33:00
    Camera has good motion detection as described in the description. all over good product
  57. Qsim - Verified Purchase
    2020-08-07 11:31:00
    The signal reception is very good, it is very good to use, and the quality is good

Write A Review

  1. Haseeb - 2023-04-20 04:32:14
    In how much days it delivers
    delivery depends on location
  2. Danishali - 2023-03-08 01:57:48
    Kis courier se aye ga
    we use multiple courier for cities
  3. Ahmadseyar - 2023-02-05 08:04:28
    If camera in my room and i am outside of room for example i am in bazaar then i see anything of my room it well be work
    yes it has live view can watch any where
  4. Azaan - 2022-09-30 11:32:00
    How can used with out charger
    you can use with or with out charger
  5. Zain kayani - 2022-09-21 00:46:53
    Electricity se direct ka se connect hogi kia adopter sat mily ga camera k ya buy krna hga..
    this camera have battery and u can use with electricity as well
  6. Anayat - 2022-07-19 14:08:16
    Bettery k bghr. Direct adopter k sath chla jye ga. ..kisi jaga pe fix krna Hy k bar bar utar nu skty wiho sath conection bhi ho jye ga. Direct adopter me
    yes work direct with adopter as well
  7. Aamir Zia zia - 2022-07-01 05:09:30
    If we put this camera at the top of our gate, will there be any effect on this camera in rain or sun?
    not water proof
  8. Ali - 2022-06-29 12:05:26
    Is There Warenty Of This Camera..?
    3 days exchange warranty
  9. Fazal - 2022-04-03 02:26:48
    This cam can record video without wifi when sd card is inserted
    yes this can record with or with out wifi
  10. Fawad Iqbal - 2022-03-28 02:13:20
    How can I check my placed order
    contact whatapp 03-111-775-666
  11. Fawad Iqbal - 2022-03-28 01:48:48
    Smart phone per is ko kaisy pair kary gy Or Wi-Fi sy kis ko connect karna ho ga
    contact whatapp we will sahre a video 03-111-775-666
  12. Umair - 2022-03-11 20:48:48
    Kiya wifi ke Bina chalega
    u can use with or with out wifi
  13. Muhammad Asif - 2021-12-27 23:52:24
    Battery time kiya hai
    60 mints
  14. Shah Faisal - 2021-12-07 10:09:16
    Sir muajy lane hy camera laken samaj nahe a rahe k kasay buy hoty hy process ka pata nahe hy
    contact at 0304-111-6200
  15. Farooq Saleem - 2021-12-07 04:20:36
    Camera ki battery Timings kitni ha plz reply
    60 mints
  16. Javaid khawaja - 2021-12-02 07:13:04
    Please arrange demo of your camera at my site Can the camera be installed as a cctv camera outside in open? And have all suitable features of a cctv camera system?
  17. Rajab ali - 2021-11-22 12:25:40
    How match discount on purchase 7 peice
    contact what app 0304-111-6200
  18. Imran - 2021-11-15 13:59:31
    Without WiFi it's working or not
    it will work with or with out wifi
  19. Zaher - 2021-11-15 03:16:34
    Agr camera k sth power bank use kry mtlb video k Tim...tou sth sth battery charge kry ga??or phr battery jb dono ki 0% ho gi tou bnd ho ga??
    if you attached power bank it will increase its timing
  20. Muhammad Usman Ali - 2021-09-20 00:21:15
    Delivery time how many days
    2 to 5 days delivery time
  21. UmIr - 2021-08-30 16:18:24
    Kya video k sath voice b aati ha ??
    yes voice and video both can record
  22. M Rabie - 2020-12-08 10:14:53
    How long is the battery backup?
    60 mints
  23. Hansian - 2020-07-07 15:54:21
    Wo can connect this camera with WiFi and see any where in the Pakistan?

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